Trading stocks has become very popular in recent years, but the vast majority of traders receive lower returns […]

A fundamental shift in financial planning in recent years has been a greater emphasis on life planning.  […]

One of the biggest obstacles to providing for our retirement is that human beings are very focused on the present. 

A phrase you may have seen or heard lately is thematic investing.  Thematic […]

The way that human beings generally learn to do things is through trial and error. In most cases, it’s a […]

For equity investors, being globally diversified is critical. It reduces risk, and in the long term, it should lead to higher returns. 

Having a good adviser makes sense not only for financial reasons but psychological ones as well. Advisers can’t tell you which investments are going to […]

It has never been so easy to trade stocks. There are now all sorts of apps and websites that allow you to buy or sell in just a few moments. […]

A fundamental concept investors need to understand is the wisdom of the crowd.  It was developed by an english statistician called […]

There’s no getting around it: all investing involves risk, and equity investing in particular.  But is investment risk really […]

More and more people around the world are practising mindfulness. Scores of academic studies have shown how focusing your attention on the present […]

A question that people often ask is: do I need a financial adviser? Can I save on the cost of advice and work it out myself?  A video on the