A fundamental concept investors need to understand is the wisdom of the crowd.  It was developed by an english statistician called […]

There’s no getting around it: all investing involves risk, and equity investing in particular.  But is investment risk really […]

More and more people around the world are practising mindfulness. Scores of academic studies have shown how focusing your attention on the present […]

A question that people often ask is: do I need a financial adviser? Can I save on the cost of advice and work it out myself?  A video on the

Life expectancy has increased dramatically over the last 50 years. Retirement can now last several decades. And yet many people almost drift into it.  A video […]

Nobody likes to think about dying, but death is the one certainty in life.  When the time comes, it will greatly relieve the […]

A crucially important principle investors need to understand is market efficiency.  It was first devised by the economist […]

For many years, from the mid-1990s onwards, residential property was generally an excellent investment. All around the world, property prices rose.  As a result, […]

What are the criteria for choosing a fund to invest in? Well, fund management companies generally want you to focus on how well a fund has […]

Government bonds are one of the safest asset classes you can invest in.  They’re known as Treasury bonds, or Treasurys, […]

Human beings have always used narratives to help us make sense of a complex and uncertain world. The stories we tell each other can be very influential, […]

There are very few certainties with investing. But there is, thankfully, one controlling principle that is incontrovertible.  […]