• Look after your future self

    One of the biggest obstacles to providing for our retirement is that human beings are very focused on the present…

  • The downsides of thematic funds

    A phrase you may have heard lately is thematic investing. Thematic funds offer investors exposure to investment “themes” such as biotechnology or artificial intelligence…

  • Why investors need to learn from history

    The way that human beings generally learn to do things is through trial and error. But it’s not a good way to learn about investing…

  • Why US equity exposure is so important

    For equity investors, being globally diversified is critical. It reduces risk, and in the long term it should lead to higher returns…

  • How an adviser can rescue you from yourself

    Having a good adviser makes sense not only for financial reasons but psychological ones as well. Advisers can’t tell you which investments…

  • Trading stocks can be addictive

    It has never been so easy to trade stocks. There are now all sorts of apps and websites that allow you to buy or sell in just a few moments…

  • The wisdom of the crowd

    A fundamental concept investors need to understand is the wisdom of the crowd.  It was developed by an english statistician called Sir Francis Galton…

  • Reframing investment risk

    There’s no getting around it: all investing involves risk, and equity investing in particular.  But is investment risk really something to be frightened of?

  • Could mindfulness help you with your financial goals?

    More and more people around the world are practising mindfulness. For some people, mindfulness may improve financial wellbeing as well.

  • Not having an adviser is a risk

    A question that people often ask is: do I need a financial adviser? You CAN do it yourself. But there are substantial advantages to using a financial adviser.

  • The importance of retirement planning

    Life expectancy has increased dramatically over the last 50 years. Retirement can now last several decades. And yet many people almost drift into it.

  • Getting your affairs in order

    Nobody likes to think about dying, but death is the one certainty in life.  When the time comes, it will greatly relieve the burden on your loved ones if you’ve already got your affairs in order.