Over the longer term, investors expect a positive after inflation return from investing in company shares and from lending money to governments and companies by owning bonds. Unfortunately, and inescapably, in the shorter term, market returns are anything but predictable. They contain a lot of ‘noise’ as the market absorbs new information into prices. High inflation in 2022 led to a rapid rise in interest rates around the world, contributing, in part, to the fall in global bond and equity prices. It was a painful backward step and a reminder that the road to long-term returns can be bumpy and painful at times. With these now higher yields, […]

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Running a small business is likely very stressful right now; even more stressful than ever before perhaps. All of the points in this business guide are very relevant for you as business owners and steps that our Certified Financial Planner™ professionals recommend. Please read our other employed guide for help with your personal budgeting. We know that you can do many things to help yourself at this time and this guide is here to help you.  The CISI have, in conjunction with the CFP community, produced a guide to help people in the current climate. Financial guide for the self-employed and small businesses

During this unprecedented time – this guide aims to help you think about your finances by highlighting the important factors that our community of leading Certified Financial Planner™ professionals think you should look at during this uncertain and challenging time. We hope this guide is useful. We have a community of highly qualified professional CFP professionals all over the UK who are ready to help you manage your finances and look to the future – please see www.financialplanning.org.uk to find one but in the meantime here are some helpful tips:  The CISI have, in conjunction with the CFP community, produced a guide […]

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“The most important thing about an investment philosophy is that you have one you can stick with. ” (David Booth, Chairman Dimensional Fund Advisors). Follow these 10 steps to give yourself the best chance of a successful investment experience. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS AND DOWNLOAD THIS WEALTH EXTRA

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