• The importance of retirement planning

    Life expectancy has increased dramatically over the last 50 years. Retirement can now last several decades. And yet many people almost drift into it.

  • Getting your affairs in order

    Nobody likes to think about dying, but death is the one certainty in life.  When the time comes, it will greatly relieve the burden on your loved ones if you’ve already got your affairs in order. 

  • What does market efficiency mean?

    A crucially important principle investors need to understand is market efficiency.  It was first devised by the economist Eugene Fama, and helped to earn him a Nobel Prize.  But what exactly does it mean?

  • The downside of houses as investments

    For many years, from the mid-1990s onwards, residential property was generally an excellent investment. All around the world, property prices rose.  As a result, many people have decided their home will be their pension.

  • Is cost or performance more important when choosing a fund?

    What are the criteria for choosing a fund to invest in? Well, fund management companies generally want you to focus on how well a fund has performed in the past.

  • Learning from the bond crisis of 2022

    Government bonds are one of the safest asset classes you can invest in… But it’s wrong to assume that bond funds will never fall in value.

  • Don’t be swayed by investment narratives

    Human beings have always used narratives to help us make sense of a complex and uncertain world…

  • The iron law of compound interest

    There are very few certainties with investing. But there is, thankfully, one controlling principle that is incontrovertible…

  • Never act on advice on social media

    If you look on social media, there’s no shortage of people offering you financial advice or seemingly easy ways to make money…

  • Why women benefit from financial advice

    Data shows that women generally don’t invest enough in equities, and it’s largely down to a lack of confidence…

  • How do fund managers invest their own money?

    The evidence shows us, overwhelmingly, that the vast majority of active fund managers underperform equivalent passive funds in the long run…

  • Talking about money with your partner is important

    Money is one of those issues that can cause couples to fall out.  But it certainly doesn’t need to be. The key is to communicate effectively, and…