Financial fraud

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Don’t get caught out by a financial scammer.

As you may be aware from media coverage, the incidence of scams by which criminals try to steal people’s money by deception shows no sign of abating and they can affect anyone. Successful fraudsters know that the key to being effective is enough credibility to create trust on the part of their victims and today that often means having a professionally-designed website and other materials which make them hard to distinguish from honest firms.

Spot a scam

In many cases, the investors affected lose their entire investment, even though it was portrayed to them as being secure, with no ability to claim compensation. Below are some links to websites that we recommend to help you to spot a scam and which we hope you find useful.

Useful websites

Remember that if you are in any doubt about an ‘opportunity’ that is presented to you, there is much less to lose by waiting than there is by rushing in without due consideration and that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is…