Explore. Listen. Action.

We listen to you. The first conversation that we have with a new client has often been prompted by a life changing financial experience, such as the sale of a business, a major career move or preparing for freedom from paid work. Such situations inevitably mean that you need to take action in order to achieve the right results for yourself and your family and that first conversation helps us both to decide whether we might be the right firm for you.

Our first meeting is never a conversation focused on your money – it’s a conversation about YOU: your values, your principles, your hopes and dreams; what makes you tick.

Our affairs had become diversified and complex enough to require expert management.

The Bloomsbury Wealth team have been excellent in every aspect of our financial requirements providing peace of mind that we are in safe hands and all under one umbrella.


We take time. Trust has to be earned and takes time. We have lots of time for our clients: time to learn, time to understand and time to share our knowledge and experience.

All of this time we are developing a deeper relationship and building trust… with people like you.

We ask challenging questions. Understanding who you are, your motivation, your passions, what keeps you awake at night and what it takes to allow you to sleep well and enjoy all that you do in your life will help us to help you to make great choices.

We create a pathway for you to follow in order to achieve your goals and we look after your wealth, so that you can focus on enjoying your life. We have an outstanding team of individuals focused on working closely with you to help you to achieve your goals.

We want you to love your life. Bloomsbury Wealth will help you to make the sound financial decisions that will help you to get to where you would like to be.

You can trust in our understanding and collective expertise to support those decisions and take away the stresses and strains of looking after your wealth so that you can do what you do best… love the life you have created and live it to the full.