A guide that does what it says in the title:    

Get smarter about your investing

We take our clients through online psychometric risk testing as part of our onboarding process using FinaMetrica risk tolerance profiling.  Follow this link if you want to find out more:



A great overview on managing wealth: 

The Financial Times Guide to Wealth Management

A podcast with David Booth, co-CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisers.

Find out more about the investment philosophy we pursue.

Whilst the Manager Tools website is a massive resource which will give you access to over 10 years of management related podcasts, you can discover the basics in Manager Tools’ co-founder Mark Horstman’s book ‘The Effective Manager’.

The Effective Manager


Manager Tools is an invaluable resource for managers and business-owners alike, we use this to great effect at Bloomsbury.

Become a better manager

Manager Tools has published some very helpful podcasts covering a huge range of management topics with easy access to download from iTunes

Listen to the Manager Tools podcasts here.