Tania Puente Rivera

Wealth Planning Assistant

020 7965 4480



My Story

I joined Bloomsbury Wealth in August 2015 and after a year of working as an Operations Assistant, I am now a Wealth Planning Assistant and form part of the planning team.

I always knew that I wanted to work in the finance industry from a very young age (I loved mathematics and was an eager beaver to complete all my homework for it on time!). I came out of the University of Hertfordshire waving my Economics with Finance degree in the air (it now hangs proudly on my living room wall – thanks mum) and upon graduation I threw myself in the deep end without a life jacket and started studying for a Chartered Financial Analyst qualification with aims of becoming a fund manager.

Once I started working at Bloomsbury Wealth, I slowly realised that I felt a greater sense of achievement assisting the planning team in helping our clients to have peace of mind than I would sitting behind a computer crunching numbers and data. I will now be studying towards a diploma in regulated finance and should be qualified in due course.

As much as I’m excited to learn the technical stuff, I find that what’s more valuable is what I learn every day at work. You can never proof check your emails enough (!), learning to prioritise your task list and most importantly- that excellence is never an accident. Here at Bloomsbury Wealth we are always looking for ways to become more efficient; deliver the best service we can and be leaders in our profession and, as part of the ‘work smarter, not harder’ group, I am always looking for ways in which we can do this.

Outside work and studying, you could catch me breathless at the gym whilst simultaneously shaking my fist at the sky for not blessing me with a fast metabolism or, ironically, going out to eat with friends!