Myrren Wildman

Financial Controller

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My Story

I often get asked the question, “How come someone who spent their childhood singing, dancing and acting and studied dance, theatre studies and media studies at college ended up being a bookkeeper?” It’s a fair question! Until I was in my early twenties my whole life focused on the creative and although at school I was always good at maths and the academic, I didn’t really have any interest in incorporating it into my life.

I never had to really worry about money. My parents were not rich but were generous with what they had and at 15 I got my first job and earned my own money. On top of that, I grew up in the time of credit mania. I had my first credit card at 18 and every six months to a year the credit limit would be increased without my asking. I had an overdraft with a generous limit and I was able to apply for and obtain more credit cards and loans without any problem.

In my early twenties, having been working in London for a few years, the charity for which I was working on the human resources function went under and I was made redundant. I lost a fair amount of money as a result of this and was then out of work for almost six months, all the time building up debt.

Finally, my dad said to me that he needed someone to do the bookkeeping for his IT business and he started training me on the job. I learned from him and other bookkeepers how to run cashflows, create budgets, keep financial records, run payroll etc. and I found that I had a knack for it and that it was quite rewarding work. However, as I was learning all these skills I also realised how completely undisciplined I had been with my own financial situation and actually how much financial trouble I was personally in. I had been living beyond my means for many years, taking out loans and credit cards that I wasn’t really paying off and then losing money from my redundancy. I was studying for a Popular Music Performance Diploma at the same time as working for my dad and while this was an amazing course, again it cost me a lot of money that I didn’t really have. I had no idea how to turn it around and just kept pulling the wool over my own eyes.

I think the turning point for me, when I really became committed to the work I do for people and companies managing their finances, was when my diploma course finished and shortly afterwards my younger sister passed away from cancer. This was definitely one of the worst times of my life and I hit a crisis point. I felt as though at that point all I had was my work and I threw myself into it as something to focus on when everything in my personal life was falling apart. I took a good long look at my financial situation and discovered that I was 24 years old with £18,500 of debt (and I hadn’t even been to university!) which was increasing, not decreasing. I had a long heart to heart with my uncle who works as a life coach and has many years of business experience and he helped me start to apply the skills I had been learning in my job to my own finances. I created budgets and cashflows for myself and started to get a really clear idea of what I needed to change. It took me two years of incredibly hard work building up my own self-employed business as a bookkeeper, gathering more clients and doing cleaning at the weekends but I paid off the debt!

The satisfaction I got from taking responsibility for my financial situation and getting it under control was the same satisfaction I found, and still find, in doing the same for individuals or companies for which I work as a bookkeeper/financial controller. To this day I still run a cashflow for myself and my family. I now have adult debt that comes along with buying houses and cars etc. but I am in control of my finances and I know what I can afford.

Don’t get me wrong, singing and dancing are still major passions for me and certainly if you ask any of my colleagues here at Bloomsbury Wealth they will vouch for the fact that I sing while I bookkeep whenever I get the chance and I’m always the first on the dance floor….. but I take great pride in the work I do and I love to know that I am of value to an individual or company where I can provide peace of mind for them knowing that their finances are in good order. I will always find out where the missing 1p went!