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Wealth Planning Executive

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My Story

In 2008, when deciding which A levels I would study over the next two years with a view to attending university thereafter, the United Kingdom was plunged into a global financial crisis resulting in the longest recession in this country since the 1930s. It was my interest in, and desire to understand these events in greater detail, which led me to decide that a degree in economics was the right choice for me.

Unfortunately, to my disappointment, the sixth form that I had chosen to attend removed economics as an A level option at the last minute. However, my mind had been made up, so a friend and I decided to seek out an economics tutor to teach us the course in our own time, despite receiving only a fifth of the contact time of our other subjects. Luckily, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me.

The tutor we chose was ultimately inspirational for me in his approach to the subject and provided me with a sound basis to move on to studying for my degree. He taught me the importance of planning for peaks and troughs over a long period of time from an economic perspective and I soon realised how this could and should first be adopted at a personal level, whether as a student like myself, a young family or someone preparing for retirement.

During my five years studying economics and analysing the prolonged global financial crisis in which we were embroiled, despite the plethora of factors which had contributed to the melting pot, I began to realise and appreciate the importance, both on a personal and a corporate level, of living within one’s means. It was at this point that I began to explore the career options available which would allow me to apply in the real world what I had learned.

Upon graduating from university, I decided that pursuing a career in wealth management and financial advice would be the perfect way to utilise the passion and skills I had acquired. Since joining Bloomsbury Wealth I have been studying for a Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning which involves taking a number of exams. My current role provides me with the opportunity to gain practical experience working as part of the planning team, assisting families on a daily basis with the creation of a comprehensive long term plan designed to help them meet their lifestyle objectives and provide them with a peace of mind that they otherwise may not have had.

It is unreasonable to expect that sensible long term planning will eradicate the risk of future financial crises; however I strongly believe that being prepared for bumps in the road along the way is essential in any walk of life.