Luisa Rua Estrada

Wealth Planning Assistant

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My Story

From an early age I have always had a creative flair and wanted to pursue a career in fashion/interior design.  As I grew older this eventually changed and a natural talent for mathematics and languages steered me in a completely different direction.  When trying to pick a suitable course to take at university I strove to ensure that it would incorporate both of these elements and I decided to take on a degree in accounting with French.  I enrolled onto a sandwich course, which enabled me to spend a semester abroad in Nice; one of the best experiences I have had to date.  My favourite parts of my time in France were meeting people from different walks of life, making friends from all over the world (cheaper holidays!) and learning how to become an independent ‘adult’ in an unfamiliar foreign environment.  It’s never easy to force French people who can speak English to speak to you in their native language when you struggle even to articulate a sentence but I was focused on coming back to London saying that I could speak French at an advanced level.  Ever since then, I discovered that I also have a deep passion for travelling and realised how much I enjoy learning about diverse cultures and languages.  I aim to experience all of the hidden beauty across the world; I add new places to my bucket list every now and again!

It wasn’t until halfway through my degree that I realised that number crunching my way through balance sheets was just not for me; instead it was my modules involving the finance industry, accounting scandals and corporate governance that sparked my interest to become involved in this sector.  I did, however, find it to be a quite a strange combination, as one module focused on how businesses pay no real attention to ethics in an attempt to achieve short term goals and the other focused on how they ensure they are being run in the best interests of those who invest in them.  I like to think that this inspired me and helped to me to decide where I wanted to take my career.

It was then that I knew that the role I would take on in the finance industry would be to work in the best interests of others and to help them to grow and to achieve their financial goals. In my spare time, when I’m not overloaded with work or working up a sweat in the gym, I read books on financial independence. This has influenced me a great deal in becoming even more determined to work towards a stable financial future for my family and myself.

I have only recently accepted a permanent position here at Bloomsbury and it is a firm that is driven by good values and always endeavours to equip clients well on their journey to a prosperous and secure financial future.  This is something of which I will never tire of being a part.