Camilla Lees

Business Manager

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My Story

My parents tell me my first word was “organise” and as a child I certainly took great pleasure in my tidy school notes and accompanying stationery collection. However, it wasn’t until my early twenties when I took a job at a mid-phase start-up in California that I realised just how much I really do enjoy organising.

When I joined the corporate office of the firm it was made up of only three other people, including the founder, and I was brought in to provide sorely needed operational support both at that office and to the small sales team across the country. The company had outsourced the manufacturing of its patented underfloor heating product to a third party, but retained responsibility for marketing and sales, as well as shipping, largely within the US and Canada but occasionally overseas too.

There was frustration amongst the sales team that a lack of systems and structure at the corporate office made it difficult to provide their customers with an excellent level of service and I relished the opportunity to do some organising on a grand scale! I set up a customer relationship management system for use across the company and established a project management team at the corporate office to coordinate between the various departments involved with each sale (design, logistics, technical support and finance). The company experienced strong growth during my five years there and established a market leading position. It was a very fulfilling time.

Next I went from organising a mid-phase start-up to an actual start-up as co-founder of another firm, still within the underfloor heating industry. The organisational challenges here had two quite different sides. On the one hand my colleagues and I were designing a company from the ground up, creating a structure and determined to build on lessons learned at previous firms. On the other hand, we had a private investor who was keen for there to be a certain degree of integration between our new business and some of the systems and processes in place within an established, but only tangentially related, business that he had run for many years. I was responsible for ensuring that as few as possible operational issues needed my co-founders’ attention so that they could instead focus on developing our customer base and a complex degree of coordination and organisation was required. I was in my element!

In 2009 I moved back to the UK and took what was to be a temporary job at Bloomsbury Wealth while I found my feet in London again. I soon realised though that I had found a place where I felt very much at home. Bloomsbury Wealth was then, as it is today, a firm that places great importance on investing in operational systems and staff and standards across the firm were extremely high. While in my previous roles the need for better organisation had been recognised by my peers, it had never been embraced in the way that I found it was at Bloomsbury Wealth, where excellence across every aspect of the business was held as the standard.

As the Business Manager I work closely with the branch principals to ensure that the business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. One of the pieces of work on which I have most enjoyed spending time was the production of an internal procedures manual. As I developed my own knowledge of the firm I also observed the operational questions asked by colleagues, most of whose primary roles relate directly to client service. I began compiling a ‘go to’ document that everyone could in the first instance refer to when they had an operational query. It is projects such as this that give me the most satisfaction in my role, where my passion for organising allows the rest of the team to be more effective and freeing up time for them to focus on continuing to provide an exceptional service for our clients.

As the firm grows there are always new challenges for my organising tendencies, which suits me just fine!