9th June 2017 | Carolyn Gowen | Category: Blog | 1 minute read

Well, it’s ended up being an ‘interesting’ week, hasn’t it? Here are a few distractions for you….


Charts don’t always show the full picture – [3 min read]


I’ve recently started to study the Stoics. One of their philosophies was the practice of Inversion. Interesting stuff when applied to our daily lives. [4 min read]


Jack Bogle condenses 65 years in the investment industry into a seven-point plan for all investors [3 min read]


People are literally making money out of thin air [3 min read]


Universal Basic Income – yes, or no? I’m still undecided, but this article was very thought provoking [2 min read]


How technology could kill brands [6 min video]


A great blog post on how Financial Independence means – more than anything else – CHOICE [3 min read]


And finally. Someone commented this week that the three main political parties in the UK are like an unwinnable version of the rock-paper-scissors game.  With this morning’s election results in mind, I think we could all do with something to put a smile on our faces: Seven helpful tips on how to be miserable [6 min video]. I must admit I’m guilty of indulging in a few of these from time to time ;o


Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.


Warm regards



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