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Everyone is different yet, when it comes to finding someone to help with managing their wealth, everyone is looking for the same thing… a long-term relationship with a trusted adviser who can provide peace of mind. Bloomsbury Wealth works with a select group of individuals and families, helping them to discover true wealth by focusing on solutions to the issues that matter to them… the same issues that matter to you. Financial independence, tax planning, pension issues, wealth preservation, estate planning… we unravel the complexity and develop a plan for you that will deliver achievable outcomes to meet your individual needs.  Click here to see how financial planning can help you to achieve your life goals and peace of mind or simply start a conversation.

The Bloomsbury Wealth team helped me to understand my financial situation… they took lifestyle, commitments, family, taxation and risk tolerance into consideration and built an efficient investment portfolio… I am extremely happy with the outcome. I have complete confidence that my wealth is being properly managed as agreed between me and the firm.


Taking the first step

With Bloomsbury Wealth having nearly 20 years of established operations, a highly qualified and talented team of individuals and a clear view of how to provide the best possible results for our clients, you can be sure of receiving a very high level of service once you walk through our door, but you have to make the first move on your road to achieving true wealth.  The first step starts here…

Building blocks

At Bloomsbury Wealth we are big on relationships. If you are confident that you are being well looked after, you will have the time and mind space to concentrate on all the other important aspects of your life: your family, your work, your hobbies and interests. The relationship that we create with you is unique. Experience with our existing clients tells us that the longer we work together and the deeper the relationship becomes, the more that inspires trust, confidence and the emotional freedom that brings; because let’s face it: money is an emotive issue.

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